Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Feb 25 Afternoon UPdate

okay - the server the tbca site is on is back up and they are restoring accounts - it appears that this should be complete by about noon tomorrow... as of 4:20 our time there were 48 accounts still left to restore... I'm trying to get them to help me repoint the site to a new server right now and I should be able to get the site up tonight... however I am having a hard time getting in contact with them - if I could figure it out I'd do it on my own but I'm not that smart - I am trying though...

here's a post from their site pertaining to the server we are on:

wsl02013 Shared 02:19pm MT 2/25/10 - 48 Accounts remaining

01:07pm MT 2/25/10 - 71 Accounts remaining

12:07pm MT 2/25/10 - OS Reload complete, accounts are restoring now - 97 accounts remaining. We will then need to link the client accounts and the server will return to normal service.

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