Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My how the time has changed...

Well, since my last blog almost 5 years ago when we were down for a few days a lot has changed... I am on my own with a new I.P. address, webhost, etc and really I'm still using old software. I will have to change at some point in the near future and I'm currently looking around for something easy to use, affordable, etc - There aren't many choices - the best stuff is very expensive and hard to learn - I don't have time to learn it... wish there was a "Frontpage" equivalent that was easy to learn and functional. Oh well, for now I'm good. The only reason I had put this blog up was in case of an outage where the site went down for an extended period of time - so it's still up - really won't update it other than this just to let folks know its still serving it's purpose - SO if you ever try to go to www.tnbaseballreport.com and it won't come up - this is the page where I will have info up on what is going on - I'll also use twitter @TNBballRprt and send emails and use the facebook page to hopefully get things across to people!!  Thanks to all for your support and helpfulness over the years.

Friday, May 21, 2010

NAIA World Series Bound!!

Congratulations to our 3, that's right 3, THREE... NAIA World Series teams - Lee was the first to qualify on Thursday with a 9-6 win over William Jewell... Cumberland had to play today due to rain and beat Campbellsville 3-0 in a very well played and pitched game by both sides... Tennessee Wesleyan did the improbable by coming  back thru the loser's bracket and winning 5 straight games after losing to Southern Poly 4-3 on Tuesday... TWC beat Southern Poly 5-4 and 12-11 to win the tournament and advance!! Great job by all of you guys - now lets see if we can get and all TN final in Lewiston, Idaho!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

HS Polls

Here are the Regional Polls for each class: the Statewide polls will be posted tonight - I am extremely busy with several things both personal and professional and I am trying to stay afloat this week... so please bear with me!!  Here they are-

Class A

East TN
1. Lookout Valley 21-6
2. Harriman 10-6
3. Rockwood 12-7
4. Unaka 12-8
5. Oliver Springs 13-12

Middle TN
1. Friendship Christian 19-3
2. Summertown 25-3
3. Cornersville 14-3
4. Cascade 16-10
5. Clarksville Academy 16-4

West TN
1. Decatur Co. Riverside 20-4
2. Huntingdon 20-11
3. Halls 14-6
4. Peabody 18-3
5. West Carroll 11-7

Class AA

East TN
1. Pigeon Forge 23-4
2. Unicoi Co. 20-5
3. Red Bank 17-6
4. Gibbs 17-7
5. South Greene 17-5

Middle TN
1. Spring Hill 23-5
2. Goodpasture 24-5
3. CPA 18-9
4. Creek Wood 14-12
5. Upperman 16-8

West TN
1. Dyersburg 21-7
2. Lexington 19-6
3. Milan 19-5
4. Jack. SS 21-8
5. Liberty Magnet 17-7


East TN
1. Farragut 28-4
2. Halls 25-2
3. Soddy Daisy 21-4
4. Science Hill 21-9
5. Tennessee 21-4

Middle TN
1.Tullahoma 23-4
2. Mt. Juliet 24-4
3. Blackman 18-12
4. Brentwood 24-7
5. Overton 22-5

West TN
1. Bartlett 25-4
2. Collierville 20-6
3. Houston 20-8
4. Arlington 20-8
5. Dyer Co. 18-7

Div. II A
1. JCS 23-6
2. USJ 22-6
3. Webb 16-3
4. DCA 17-2
5. Davidson Academy  18-11

1. Christian Bros 22-4
2. MUS 17-6
3. St. Benedict 16-9
4. PJPII 16-7
5. MBA 16-7

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TCCAA Scores from Tuesday

I didn't get these in for today, but Walters split a DH with Wilkes NC yesterday, winning 7-6 on a walk off hit by Logan Bowers and dropping the nightcap 8-6 in 8 innings... Cleveland crushed Gadsden 11-1 yesterday as Lance Rorex, Gray Hutchinson, Trevor Burgess, Adam Hindman, and Troy Zawadski all had 2 hits for the Cougars... Cleveland scored 3 in the first and 6 in the bottom of the 7th to end the game by the 10 run rule... Dyersburg beat SE Iowa 6-5 in 11 innings as well... the crazy weather continues for the spring as we go from upper 60's to low 50's in roller coaster style...

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15 Hope the message gets out

About a month ago our site went down for about 5 days... a very frustrating time and without a good way to communicate to our website followers I started this blog... of course no one knew about it... if you'll read thru the posts located on the right side of this page (see February archives)... you can read a little about it and if it ever happens again - please bookmark this site and you'll be able to find out what's going on!!
The HS season started today... as stories become available I will post them... most of the time I'll post stories at night for the next day... so I'm kinda a day behind... I want them to be current so if a newspaper only posts one day a week I only use the current ones... if you know of a story I've not linked, let me know, I'll be glad to get it linked up - also if there is a newspaper available online that I don't have listed on my "media websites" page let me know so I can get it on there... that's where I go to find stories!! Good luck to all the teams and hopefully we all have a great spring filled with wins and other learning experiences!! See ya at the park!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I got up this morning expecting the same... can't connect to the server.... instead it was a nice surprise to see tbca.org pop up... my next thought was, okay can I connect and update - yes!! So I updated the site and we are back to "normal" again... I'm going to leave this site up for the simple reason - it could happen again - hope not - but if it does everyone will have a place to get some info... sorry for the down time but that's life!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Light at the end of the Tunnel?

We'll see, but they tell me I should be back online and able to update by tomorrow around 3pm... we'll see...

Get your D1 scores and stories here: D1 Baseball Scores
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my alma mater WKU beats Texas A&M 5-1 as BGA product Matt Ridings gets the win!! go Toppers!! ah, those days on the hill...

on the homefront - Belmont, ETSU, UT-Martin, and Austin Peay are already in the win column...  Trevecca sweeps Bethel (IN), Freed Hardeman, Martin Methodist, Union, and Lee all won today... see scores here: NAIA Scoreboard