Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blogging - every now in then it comes in handy...

For the first time since I started using Westhost to publish my website (about 8 years) they have had their first major disaster... my site has been down since yesterday around 7pm... can't update - I actually have the Saturday update completed, but I can't publish it... I'm waiting right now on a live chat with Westhost to see when they think this thing will be repaired and am hoping that some of you will see this - I plan on emailing coaches to make them aware, but also - keep send me info as you have.... We got some great weather this weekend but it appears to be short lived as rain is pounding my roof and we may even have some more snow... speaking of snow I have some great pics of some of my friends and family, some former players of mine, sledding with their kids over at my other blog for my photography work... The guys on the tube - that's Chris Edwards (Beech '96) on the right - that kid hit one of the longest HR's I've ever seen at a tourney in Lincoln Co. - they called it foul, but I don't know how - it was high, long and quickly out of the yard - he got rooked... he went on to play at Vol St and USC-Aiken... the other guy is Grant Edwards (no relation to Chris/ Beech 2000) Grant builds houses for a living.... OnDeck Sports Photo Blog

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  1. UPDATE: just got off the chat - they are saying 8am mountain time (Westhost is in Utah)... so I think that would be 9am cst... maybe 10am.... anyway -when we are back up I'll post it here - so check back with us -